Sydney & NSW Property Sales Data

voomMAPS provides NSW Property Sales Information (PSI) data at a fraction of the cost of other similar sources.

Unlike other websites where you have to search for properties individually, voomMAPS provides the data sets as a single Excel file that includes property sales for the entire state. The Excel file format allows you to easily filter and manipulate the data.

The data is of high accuracy, as it is sourced from official government records – Land and Property Information’s Notices of Sale.

The detailed datasets provided by voomMAPS include the following information:

  • Full property address (property name, unit number, house number, street name, suburb, postcode and council area);
  • Size of the property in square metres or hectares;
  • Contract and settlement dates;
  • Purchase price;
  • Property zoning; and
  • Property type.

The screenshot below shows a sample of the format of the data provided by voomMAPS.

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Latest Data – By Month

May 2017 data will be available after 30 May 2017.

Please note that the listed months below are based on the date that the sale was registered with the NSW Government and not the contract and settlement dates. However, the contract and settlement dates are also provided in the spreadsheets (see screenshot above).

April 2017 – $49.95

March 2017 – $49.95

February 2017 – $49.95

January 2017 – $49.95

2017 Year-to-date (January–April 2017) – $149.95

Previous Data – By Year

Entire years of property sales for the entire state of NSW is available for $149 per year (75% off the price individual months).

2016 – $599.40 $149.95

2015 – $599.40 $149.95

2014 – $599.40 $149.95

2013 – $599.40 $149.95

2012 – $599.40 $149.95

Past five years (2012–2016) – $2997.00 $699.95

voomMAPS has historical sales data back to 1990. If you require older data, please contact us.

Custom Data and Analysis

If you require a custom dataset, analysis of the property sales or mapping of the data, please contact us.

Source data: © State of New South Wales through Spatial Services, a division of the Department of Finance, Services and Innovations (DFSI) 2016. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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