Map of Canberra Suburbs

Map of Canberra Suburbs – Click for Full Size Image

Canberra is Australia’s capital city and has a population of 375,000 people (2013). Canberra is located in the Australian Capital Territory, which was excised from New South Wales in 1911 for the purpose of creating a new national capital.

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The creation of Canberra occurred due to disputes between Melbourne and Sydney as to which city should be the nation’s capital. In the end, a compromise was reached in that a new city would be created to serve as the nation’s capital, to be geographically located between Melbourne and Sydney in southern New South Wales.

Canberra has a continental climate with an average of 106 rainy days per year. Its record low temperature is -10 degrees Celsius and its record high temperature is 42 degrees Celsius. Its annual average high is 20 degrees Celsius and average low is 7 degrees Celsius. Snow in Canberra occurs rarely and is normally light.

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