KFC Price List – Sydney, Australia

KFC menu and pricing for Sydney, Australia is shown below. The following prices were obtained from the Sydney Westfield store on 3 April 2019. Note that prices and menu items vary by store and state.

2 Piece Box$9.95
2 Piece Combo$7.95
3 Piece Box$11.45
Apple Juice$3.10
Baked Slider Aioli$2.95
Baked Slider Supercharge$2.95
Baked Tender BLT Twister$6.95$9.95
Baked Tender Chicken Caesar Twister$6.95$9.95
Baked Tender Honey Mustard Twister$6.95$9.95
BLT Twister Box$12.75
Bottled Water$3.10
Caesar Twister Box$12.75
Chips - Large (Promo Price)$2.00
Chips - Regular (Promo Price)$2.00
Chocolate Mousse$2.50
Coleslaw - Large$5.95
Coleslaw - Regular$3.75
Dinner for 2$19.95
Dinner Roll$0.95
Dipping Sauce$0.50
Double Tender Burger$4.95$7.45
Family Burger Box$27.95
Family Feast$29.95
Favoruties Box$12.45
Fillets Box$10.95
Freeze Drink$1.00
Giant Feast$42.95
Go Bucket - 1 Original Tender$3.95
Go Bucket - 2 Baked Tenders$3.95
Go Bucket - 2 Wicked Wings$3.95
Go Bucket - 3 Nuggets$3.95
Go Bucket - Popcorn$3.95
Honey Mustard Baked Tenders Shaker Salad$6.95$8.95
Honey Mustard Popcorn Shaker Salad$6.95$8.95
Honey Mustard Shaker Salad$4.95
Honey Mustard Twister Box$12.75
Kentucky Burger$7.95$10.95
Kentucy Burger Box$13.95
Kids Meal - Baked Slider$4.95
Kids Meal - Nuggets$4.95
Kids Meal - Snack Popcorn$4.95
Mates' Burger Box$31.95
Nuggets - 6 pieces$5.95$8.95
Nuggets - 10 pieces$8.95$11.95
Orange Juice$3.10
Original Fillet Bacon & Cheese Burger$6.95$9.95
Original Fillet Burger$5.95$8.95
Original Recipe - 1 piece$3.00
Original Recipe - 5 pieces$12.95
Original Recipe - 21 pieces$34.95
Original Recipe Fillet Piece$3.95
Original Recipe Twister Combo$6.95$9.95
Original Slider BBQ$2.95
Original Slider Pepper Mayo$2.95
Original Tenders - 3 pieces$6.95$9.95
Original Tenders - 5 pieces$9.95$12.95
Original Tenders Box$11.35
Original Twister Box$12.45
Popcorn Chicken - Maxi$7.95$10.95
Popcorn Chicken - Regular$5.95$8.95
Potato & Gravy - Large$5.95
Potato & Gravy - Regular$3.75
Shared Meal - 4 Pieces Original Recipe Add-on$6.95
Shared Meal - 5 Original Tenders Add-on$6.95
Shared Meal - Add 2 sides for $5.95$5.95
Soft Drink - 1.25L$4.35
Soft Drink - Large$4.10
Soft Drink - Regular$3.10
Spicy Hot Twister Box$12.75
Streetwise Feast$21.95
Sweet Chilli Twister Box$12.45
Sweet Chilli Twister Combo$6.95$9.95
Ultimate Box$10.45
Variety Feast ft. Honey Mustard Shaker$32.95
Wicked Wings - 3 pieces$3.95
Wicked Wings - 6 pieces$6.95
Wicked Wings - 10 pieces$10.95
Zinger Bacon & Cheese$6.95$9.95
Zinger Box$10.95
Zinger Burger$5.95$8.95
Zinger Fillet Piece$3.95
Zinger Stacker$8.95$11.45
Zinger Stacker Box$13.95

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