Hungry Jack’s Price List – Sydney, Australia

Hungry Jack’s menu and pricing for Sydney, Australia is shown below. The following prices were obtained from the Sydney (505 George Street) store on 17 April 2019. Note that individual stores set their menu prices and they vary by store. Hungry Jack’s is known as Burger King in other countries.

DescriptionItem OnlySmall MealMedium MealLarge Meal
3 Nuggets & Medium Chips Carry Cup$3.00
3 Nuggets & Sauce$3.45
3 Nuggets Kids Pack$5.10
6 Nuggets & Sauce$3.95
6 Nuggets Kids Pack$7.10
12 Nuggets & Sauce$7.50
Angry Onions (Large)$4.30
Angry Onions (Medium)$3.80
Angry Onions (Small)$3.30
Angry Whopper$7.90$11.30$12.15$12.95
Bacon Deluxe$7.20$10.60$11.45$12.25
Bacon Deluxe Hunger Tamer$12.45
Battered Onion Rings (Large)$4.30
Battered Onion Rings (Medium)$3.80
BBQ Cheeseburger$2.60$6.05$6.90$7.70
BBQ Shapes Shaker Seasoning Sachet$0.50
Belgian Choc Lava Cake$3.95
Caramel Deluxe Thickshake$4.05
Cheeseburger Kids Pack$5.40
Cheeseburger Super Stunner$5.95$6.80$7.60
Cheesy Cheeseburger$2.00$5.95$6.80$7.60
Chicken Royale$3.10$6.45$7.30$8.10
Chicken Royale Super Stunner$6.95$7.80$8.60
Chocolate Deluxe Thickshake$4.05
Chocolate Oreo Deluxe Thickshake$4.05
Coco Pops Deluxe Thickshake$4.05
Double BBQ Bacon Stacker$7.20$10.60$11.45$12.25
Double Cheeseburger$5.30$7.90$8.75$9.55
Double Cheeseburger Super Stunner$6.95$7.80$8.60
Double Farmhouse Whopper$10.70$14.10$14.95$15.75
Double Whopper$8.50$11.90$12.75$13.55
Double Whopper Cheese$10.10$13.50$14.35$15.15
Drumstick Mini$1.50
Farmhouse Whopper$7.90$11.30$12.15$12.95
Frozen Drink (Large)$1.00
Frozen Drink (Medium)$3.90
Frozen Drink (Small)$2.95
Frozen Drink Spider (Large)$2.00
Frozen Drink Spider (Medium)$4.90
Frozen Drink Spider (Small)$3.95
Grill Masters Bacon & Cheese Angus$9.60$12.70$13.55$14.35
Grill Masters Double Bacon & Cheese Angus$12.60$15.80$16.65$17.45
Grill Masters Double Smoky BBQ Angus$12.40$15.60$16.45$17.25
Grill Masters Fiery Angus$10.10$13.20$14.05$14.85
Grill Masters Smoky BBQ Angus$9.40$12.50$13.35$14.15
Grill Masters Spicy Chipotle Angus$9.90$13.00$13.85$14.65
Grilled Chicken$6.50$9.90$10.75$11.55
Grilled Chicken Avocado BLT Wrap$7.65$11.05$11.90$12.70
Grilled Chicken Bacon & Cheese$8.30$11.70$12.55$13.35
Grilled Chicken Hunger Tamer$12.45
Grilled Chicken Peri Peri$6.50$9.90$10.75$11.55
Grilled Chicken Peri Peri Wrap$6.50$9.90$10.75$11.55
Hash Brown Cheeseburger$3.20$6.20$7.05$7.85
Hershey's Chocolate Cream Pie$3.95
Hot Drink (Black Dilmah Tea, Cappuccino, Flat White, Latte, Long Black, Short Black, Mocha, Hot Chocolate) (Large)$4.05
Hot Drink (Black Dilmah Tea, Cappuccino, Flat White, Latte, Long Black, Short Black, Mocha, Hot Chocolate) (Medium)$3.55
Hot Drink (Black Dilmah Tea, Cappuccino, Flat White, Latte, Long Black, Short Black, Mocha, Hot Chocolate) (Small)$3.05
Keri Apple Juice$3.65
Loaded Cheesy Chips$3.45
Mount Franklin Spring Water$3.40
Orange Juice (Large)$4.15
Orange Juice (Medium)$3.75
Orange Juice (Small)$3.25
Rodeo Cheeseburger$3.30$6.30$7.15$7.95
Sauce (BBQ, Sweet & Sour, Spicy, Honey Mustard)$0.50
Shake (Chocolate, Caramel, Strawberry, Vanilla) (Large)$4.95
Shake (Chocolate, Caramel, Strawberry, Vanilla) (Medium)$2.00
Shake (Chocolate, Caramel, Strawberry, Vanilla) (Small)$3.55
Smoky BBQ Bacon Cheesburger$3.70$6.70$7.55$8.35
Smoky BBQ Cheesy Loaded Chips$3.45
Soft Drink (Large)$3.85
Soft Drink (Medium)$3.40
Soft Drink (Small)$2.90
Soft Serve Cone$0.60
Sparkling Mount Franklin Water$3.85
Storm Coco Pops$3.75
Storm Flake$3.95
Storm M&M's$3.95
Storm Oreo$3.95
Strawberry Deluxe Thickshake$4.05
Sundae (Caramel)$3.40
Sundae (Chocolate)$3.40
Sundae (Strawberry)$3.40
Sundae (Vanilla)$3.25
Tendercrisp Avocado BLT Wrap$7.65$11.05$11.90$12.70
Tendercrisp Cheesy Bacon$8.30$11.70$12.55$13.35
Tendercrisp Cheesy Bacon Peri Peri$8.30$11.70$12.55$13.35
Tendercrisp Classic$6.50$9.90$10.75$11.55
Tendercrisp Hunger Tamer$12.45
Tendercrisp Peri Peri$6.50$9.90$10.75$11.55
Tendercrisp Peri Peri Wrap$6.50$9.90$10.75$11.55
The Aussie$8.05$11.45$12.30$13.10
Thick Cut Chips (Large)$2.00
Thick Cut Chips (medium)$3.15
Thick Cut Chips (Small)$1.95
Triple Cheeseburger$6.75$9.60$10.45$11.25
Triple Cheeseburger Super Stunner$7.95$8.80$9.60
Triple Farmhouse Whopper$13.50$16.90$17.75$18.55
Ultimate Double Whopper$11.20$14.60$15.45$16.25
Vegan Cheeseburger$7.30$10.70$11.55$12.35
Whopper Cheese$7.30$10.70$11.55$12.35
Whopper Hunger Tamer$12.45
Whopper Junior$5.30$8.05$8.90$9.70
Whopper Junior Cheese$5.70$8.45$9.30$10.10
X-tra Long Chicken$5.45$8.35$9.20$10.00
X-tra Long Chicken Cheese$5.80$8.70$9.55$10.35
X-tra Long Chicken Cheese & Bacon$6.60$9.50$10.35$11.15
X-tra Long Spicy Chicken$5.45$8.35$9.20$10.00

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