Map of Sydney’s Tram Network

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After having tried for a long time to find a schematic route map for Sydney’s historical tram network without any success, I decided that the only option was to make one myself. This was a particularly tricky task as all of the maps I could find online showed only the tram tracks, but not how the routes functioned. After many hours going through many different websites, trying to figure out the different streets the tram tracks were on and drawing up the map, I have come up with the map above.

An A3 colour printed version of this map is available for purchase for $29.95. Larger sizes are also available upon request (A2, A1, A0, etc.) Use the ‘Contact Us’ form to request a copy.


  • This map represents a guess of the tram network’s based on the map author’s interpretation and may not be accurate.
  • The map attempts to show the maximum extent of the tram network and lines may appear to co-exist on this map whilst not actually having been in operation simultaneously.
  • This is a schematic map and simplifies the geometry of the tram network. Minor features such as loops and sidings are not shown to avoid overcomplicating the map. Likewise, not all road names are shown.
  • The CBD has has been simplified due to the complexity of the area and the large number of routes in operation.
  • The Sydney tram network never used route numbers – I have designed a numbering system for ease of following the routes on the map.
  • Some of the road names which appear on the map are taken from maps from the 1930s and as such, may have had their names changed since then.


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