1950 – Sydney Railway Map

Retro 1950 Sydney Railway Map

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Inspired by this schematic map of the Sydney Suburban Network from 1969, I wanted to create a retro-looking map of the rail network in 1950. What you see above is the result, with a bit of influence from this 1939 schematic map, also. It’s not the best map for telling how train services operate, but that’s not the goal of this map – rather, to replicate a look similar to that of the 1969 map. I’ve tried to get the electrification, line extents and stations accurate for 1950, but not having been alive in 1950, it’s just an educated guess. With a bit too much empty space left in the bottom of the map, I decided to throw in a mock advertisement as well, similar to one that I saw in an historical timetable. One issue I ran into, however, is that the map looks too clear and sharp to be from 1950. Click on the map for a full-size view.

An A3 colour printed version of this map is available for purchase for $24.95. Use the ‘Contact Us’ form to request a copy.

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