Custom Mapping

Cost-effective Australian-based custom mapping solutions with fast turnarounds.

Servicing Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and all regional and rural areas Australia-wide.

voomMAPS is able to produce a large variety of custom maps to suit your requirements. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Our custom mapping services

Examples of our mapping services include:

  • Suburb catchment area maps – allowing you to show suburbs that are serviced by your company/organisation
  • Suburb delivery zone maps – allowing you to show your clients different rates of services
  • Travel time and distance calculations – creating a list of travel time and distance from your office to any or all suburbs within your city, state or country
  • Distance mapping – showing a radius or a buffer around a point or an area
  • Individual suburb, postcode or council area maps – showing the feature’s boundary and the area within it
  • Vector files of suburb, council, state and other boundaries and features – allowing your graphic design staff to create their own maps based on boundaries
  • Office siting assistance – provide us with a list of the locations you’re considering and a list of your employees’ suburb of residence and we’ll calculate the best location for your office
  • Route and network maps for public transport operators
  • Mapping based on Census data
  • Mapping based on your company’s own data
  • Property mapping
  • Interactive maps
  • Geospatial analyses
  • Statistical analyses

If the map you would like is not listed here, please contact us, as the list above is only a small sample of our custom mapping capabilities.

Why choose voomMAPS over other providers?

voomMAPS provides reliable information. The Commonwealth and State governments are the most authoritative and definitive sources for spatial boundary data. This is why we source much of our data, such as suburb and council boundaries from government authorities, providing for more reliable mapping.

voomMAPS has broad custom mapping experience. Our staff have been trusted to produce custom mapping for a with a wide range of business and organisations including advertising, real estate, fast food, catering, distribution, automotive, education, as well as for private individuals and government authorities. voomMAPS’ mapping has also been featured in the Sydney Morning Herald and The Daily Telegraph.

voomMAPS provides the best value for money custom mapping. Melway’s (Ausway) website advertises that detailed PDF maps, simply extracted from their existing maps cost $550. When you request a custom map from voomMAPS, we don’t just copy from an existing map, but we create your map completely from scratch so that the map suits your needs entirely and typically for only about 10% of the cost of a map simply cut out from Melway or Sydway. Another of our competitors, MapMakers Australia, charge a project initialisation fee of $175 before any work is even done. This initialisation fee in itself is more than what voomMAPS usually charges for the entire completed map.

voomMAPS provides quick turnarounds with all work completed in Australia. Most custom maps (apart from large and complex mapping requests) will generally be completed within one or two days. All of our work is also done locally in Australia. There is no off-shoring, so you know that your mapping will be done from an Australian context.

With voomMAPS, it’s free to change your mind. Need to change something on your map? Perhaps you forgot to include a certain suburb? Or you want a larger font size? Except in cases where the change is significant, we’re generally happy to change and adjust your custom map free of charge until you’re happy with it.

What data does voomMAPS have access to?

voomMAPS has access to a large variety of data. Examples include:

  • Roads – including road hierarchy information
  • Facilities – such as hospitals, schools, shopping centres, etc.
  • Public transport – including public transport routes, stops and stations
  • Administrative boundaries – such as suburbs, councils, wards, counties and postcodes
  • Points of interest – such as parks, sporting facilities, etc.
  • Planning controls – such as zoning, floor space ratio, building heights, heritage, etc.
  • Topographical data – such as contours and water features
  • Cadastral data – showing property boundaries
  • Census data – including the ability to produce mapping from census data

The example list above details our access to data in New South Wales. Data availability varies by state – please contact us to confirm whether the data you need is available.

Government data is generally sourced under a Creative Commons Attribution licence.

What format do you supply your maps in?

voomMAPS can provide its mapping in a wide variety of digital formats including:

  • Image – such as JPEG, PNG, TIFF, etc.
  • Vector – such as PDF, AI, SVG and EPS, allowing you to allow for zoom without loss of clarity or to manipulate the maps further yourself
  • Google Earth KML files
  • Google Maps online maps
  • GIS shapefile

If you would like a physical copy of the map, voomMAPS can also arrange for printing, lamination and delivery.

Where can I see some of your work?

Our website is the showcase of our mapping. Have a look through the maps on our website for a sample of our mapping products.

What do your clients think of your work?

Our customers’ five-star ratings and reviews demonstrate our commitment to the quality of our mapping services and products. Click here to view our Google Reviews.

How can I contact you or ask a question?

Simple – just fill in our easy-to-use contact form and we’ll get back to you shortly. Alternatively, you can e-mail us at [email protected]

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