Road, Zip Code & Neighborhood Map of Riverside & San Bernardino, CA

Road, Zip Code & Neighborhood Map of Riverside & San Bernardino, CA

This is a premium map of the urban areas of Riverside & San Bernardino, CA, showing zip code boundaries, neighborhood boundaries, roads and land use information.

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This premium map includes:

  • Boundaries of urban areas
  • Boundaries of incorporated places with urban areas (such as cities, towns, villages and boroughs)
  • Boundaries of neighborhoods
  • Boundaries of ZIP codes
  • Land uses such as commercial and industrial areas
  • All public roads, with road names and route labels for major roads
  • Railways

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Why choose our maps?

Unlike other online maps sources, our maps clearly show all ZIP code and neighborhood boundaries. Other maps such as Google Maps will only show one boundary at a time. Additionally, printing a screenshot from Google Maps will often be pixelated, even at small sizes. Our maps are optimized for printing, even at very large sizes (e.g. 1 yard or larger) and will remain clear no matter how large they are printed.

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Boundary data for this map is sourced from the U.S. Census Bureau with additional data provided by OpenStreetMaps. Neighborhood data provided by Zillow.

Neighborhoods provided by Zillow


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